Establishing healthy habits for kids at an early age is important to promoting life-long health. Because children don’t arrive in this world with a manual, it can be overwhelming for parents to know where to go with health concerns for children and how to raise healthy kids.

Starting with growth and developmental milestones for babies and children, we offer tips and resources to help parents navigate physical development and children’s healthcare from infant through adolescence—and all stages of growth and development in between.

Everyone knows child nutrition and healthy eating for kids, along with activity and exercise, are key to preventing childhood obesity. Among our resources, you’ll find suggestions on good nutrition and healthy snacks for kids as well as how to manage common food allergies. We also provide tips on the importance of personal hygiene for kids to stay healthy.

We know kids love to stay active, and many do so through playing sports. That’s why we provide tips on sports safety, injury prevention and managing youth sports injuries—ranging from caring for scrapes and cuts to identifying signs of concussions in youth sports.

Children’s health and wellness resources also address common illnesses for sick kids to help parents identify flu symptoms in children and learn how to address fever in children to ensure they get kids the care they need. Here you’ll find resources encompassing all aspects of children’s health and wellness.

Children's Health: The Growing Child